About Us


We are a China-based company, with twenty years history, specializing in organic chemical, providing comprehensive research, development and manufacturing additives, which widely applying in Polyolefin plastics, polyurethane, ABS resins, coatings, adhesives, rubber, polymer, elastomers, Ink, paints and packaging industries.

Originally, our business model was a market company to supply some small part of polymers additives to Hongkong,Taiwanand domestic traders and buyers then they sold abroad again. With the gradually growth, Shata Chemical Co Ltd  built our own GMP manufacturing workshop, R&D laboratory, advanced management team and formed our own unique and advanced formulation to enlarge our business. Till now, we have formed our own complete and comprehensive product system, including Photoinitiator, anti-oxidants, flame retardants, UV absorber ,light stabilizer and pharm intermediates of these full polymers additives products lines.

Especially for our triazine light stabilizer, they are our unique and more advanced formulation , as well as more competitived in price.

Quality, dedication and innovation are our enterprise spirits, As a custom manufacturer, we must take the time to learn your technical guidelines, packaging, and delivery needs, and create a unique customer service system under confidentiality agreements to make sure everything is as perfect as possible.


Production Capacity

Shata Chemical today has a total capacity of 8000 MT/PA of Photoinitiator, anti-oxidants, flame retardants, UV absorber ,light stabilizer and pharm intermediates

Quality Policy

We are a honesty and responsible enterprise, Quality first, Conscience first. We duplicate strict quality control system from Taiwanese, supplying more professional services, products and quality. We must do what we promised.


Environment statement

We love our earth, it's our responsibility to protect our environment and create a green and natural home for a reliable chemical factory. We closely cooperate with local Sewage Treatment Plant and adopt active attitude with the local government Environmental Protection Agency

R & D

The leader of our R&D Department , Mr Zhou has a PhD degree in chemistry educated from Nanjing University , He has perceptive and sensitive judgment in chemical. Other members of the R&D team have also Bachelor degree at least in Chemistry. Besides, we also cooperate with university and institute to develop some new topic.

New Products